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CPL Podcast

CPL Podcast

Centre for Professional Learning

CPL Podcast episodes are professional conversations around practical and important aspects of teaching and Public Education. To contact CPL please email cpl@nswtf.org.au The CPL Podcast contributes to the purpose of the Centre for Professional Learning which is the professional development arm of the NSW Teachers Federation.
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It’s easier than you’d think to miss a life changer world-altering event. Pastor Craig looks at how the city of Jerusalem missed Christmas and what we can learn from them to ensure we are encountering Jesus for ourselves.โดย CPLC
When Jesus was born there were many who missed it even though it was happening right in front of them. Today there are many who miss Christmas because they can’t see Jesus even though He’s right here. Pastor Craig looks at Joseph, who almost missed Christmas, and what we can learn to make sure we are not missing Jesus in this season.…
Pastor Renee shares the prayer King David prayed as the temple was about to be built. This is a powerful time of oneness and consecration for the people, to the heart of God, and for the future success of the kingdom.โดย CPLC
In this message Pastor Renee shares one of the prayers of the Prophets found in 2 Chronicles 20. This is one of the most impacting prayers found in the Word of God that we all will find ourselves praying through the difficulties of life.โดย CPLC
Aprendamos del Prof. Paul Larovere desde Argentina, una introducción sobre lo que es la planificación del Entrenamiento Deportivo junto con el Mtro. Pedro Gómez Si deseas volverte un experto en Planificación te recomendamos el Diplomado en Planificación Planificación: http://ow.ly/Oud450G0tWq Video: http://fb.com/2996352007265619…
Cath Jeffery guides you to success in regional and rural NSW…It is great to live in a country town. You can feel invested in the local history and valued in ways that build lifelong relationships. • Get to know your students and the town.• Establish boundaries very early and make it clear you are a teacher.• Focus on developing your teaching and av…
Jowen Hillyer emphasises the importance of understanding unique school community needs and ensuring the structure of online schooling works for families... “I think we need to check our assumptions at the door a little but too... every parent wants the best for their child but when there are competing elements... it can’t work I the same way that a…
Jowen Hillyer has experience building relationships, beginning new classes and teaching well in completely online subjects...“For mastery learning and formative tasks, when you’re working in the digital space, you’ve got this immediate feedback... you can see what is going on and step in...Maintaining relationships online was something very difficu…
Pastor Rich Guerra, the superintendent of the Assemblies of God SoCal network shares a powerful word to our church family about reaching our community for Jesus. He then officially installed our pastors, Craig & Renee, to lead our church.โดย CPLC
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