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This year's show features Beatles songs, including our son with a solo in Elanor Rigby. As band parents, we are proud of all the kids, but as his parents, we are also proud of him. This is from the first football game of the season. They wore their band T-shirts and marched most of the show. Those in attendance were very impressed with what they sa…
Sorry this video is so long in coming... The quality is not that good as I was in not nearly as good a position as I usually am, plus I only had the one camera this time. Look for some more video very soon... Pep Band and Strawberry Festival. JLโดย (Jimmy Anderson)
There is no video from Sep 21-22. The Friday night football game was not taped as there were several kids out of pocket. By the same token the band did NOT compete at Liberty on Saturday. Instead, here's the video from Friday night's Homecoming game - Sep 28th, 2007. The focus of the video was on the Auxillary or Color Guard. The next post should h…
The Cavaliers travelled to Covington, Tennessee on Friday September 7. The football team lost to the Chargers 7 to 6, but the band is tightening up their performance... Watch the video here, or subscribe to receive it in iTunes or your other favorite podcatcher.โดย (Jimmy Anderson)
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