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From the vaults - Bob and Dan shamelessly channel Superego (to the best of their ability) to give you this sketch of silly sacrilege. See y’all atop Cookie Mountain! --- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
Hello! This is a trailer for "Waits Waits Don't Tom Me." A new podcast hosted by friend of the show, Tom Waits! Give it a listen please. Tom needs this. APPLE PODCASTS: OTHERS: --- Support this podcast:…
One time Bob & Dan recorded a 12 minute sketch? playlet? novella (Spanish novel)? about an Eartha Kitt infestation. She may or may not have been alive at the time of recording, so it's PROBABLY not as tasteless as you think. Either way, RIP EK. Come for the Bob & Dan, stay for the fake phone call audio effects. --- Support this podcast: https://anc…
For no reason other than we had nothing planned, we dedicated an entire episode to Emma Stone. This classic Yahoo Answers segment does not stray from that dedication! Please enjoy, tell your friends, rate, review, subscribe, jk lol... do whatever you want. Music: Something at the beginning & Bob Dylan at the end--- Support this podcast: https://anc…
Being the GD pioneers they are, Bob and Dan create the Hort or Horror-short. In "The Hallway", Dan tries to coax Bob into joining him in the hallway. What's in the hallway? Listen to find out... or maybe not, I'm not sure how it ends. I do know it is VERY spooky. Listener beware you're in for a hallway. Music: Moreland & Arbuckle --- Support this p…
Happy New Year! Happy old segment! Bob takes Dan through a fake real-life situation with Dungeons & Dragons style gameplay.Music: Wanda Jackson--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
A discussion of Christmas movies (and Bob's inability to speak) leads to Dan's love of Don Knotts. Bob gets angry about semantics - there are some real emotions here. Guests: Adam, Rachel, and a silent Darren.Music: Playground, Marcy--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
In this blast-from-the-past-classic-segment, Bob and Dan improvise a nhort. WARNING: there are no lions or witches in it. It's not at all scary. Please enjoy!Music: Marcy Playground--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
Happy Textgiving, Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, Familysgiving, Yourwelcomesgiving... whatever you celebrate! We recorded a reading of our famous Textgiving special, but technology was not on our side. Here's one (mostly listenable) segment of it. If you want to read it the way God intended, head here:…
Bob and Dan happen to be in the same state at the same time! They walk through nature and record their conversation on a phone - can you even imagine?? This episode is just full-on, in-your-face, uncensored, unedited friendship. If I had to guess what was talked about, I'd probably say: eternity, animal diets, islands, Live Photo deaths, movies, de…
This week we talk about Dan's awkward facebook relationships, and what happens to zombie babies. We have another edition of Ask Bob Anything. We also introduce the new segment: This Week in Independent Media, in which we both choose a project that we encourage you to check out.--- Support this podcast:…
Bob and Dan attempt to tempt you into listening by listing breads. Is it effective? I don't know... you'll just have to ask HISTORY.NOTE: Do not check us out at bob and dan cast dot com; it is dead.--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
Bob and Dan plot out Bob's candle musical, "Scandalabra", discuss the negative effects of delicious salves, and have a falling out over Ghostbusters. Music by Portishead.--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
It’s the spookiest day after Halloween ever! Bob and Dan tackle the internet’s questions about Halloween party planning, play a game of Costume Opposites, and discuss whether or not Bob should make the switch to boxer-briefs. Music by Lordi!--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
Bob and Dan’s pining for Skyrim hits its apex with a new segment where Dan pretends to be a whole town of people. They also introduce “Bob Kearns: King of Observational Comedy”. Throw a Whitney update in there and you got yourself an episode. Music by The Black Keys.--- Support this podcast:…
Joining us for the season finale is, friend of the show, Charlie. We let him steer the ship, because we're tired and out of ideas. Also we were both a little sick. We talk about stand-up, life, and what America... (rest of description lost to time)--- Support this podcast:…
The penultimate episode of season 3 (probably)! Only a few more days to write an iTunes review and extend the season. This week we date the same girl, riff on Elefun, and tackle Bob's addiction to computer melons.--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
We see the Hobbit (in the format Peter Jackson intended), we eat Chinese food in a dark Chinese food establishment, also we drive between those places. Music from Saints Row: The Third. S3E42: IMAX3DHFR--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
We talk about what we'd like to see in a real-life James Van Der Beek, dispatch lovers in a caldera, and parse the existence of the Dan Fan Club. Music by The Head and the Heart.--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
Discussion of the Jurassic Park 4 that almost was, a little bit of Beethoven, and, of course, our thoughts on People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. Music by Beethoven.--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
Descend into Bob’s brain palace and listen to such topics as Elton John’s optometrist, who had what player number (90’s basketball edition), and needle anxiety. Music by Tame Impala.--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
Here were the other possible titles for today's episode: The end goal is comfort, Pangea's Last Stand, Summer of Fun/Summer of Sam. Music by Sneaker Pimps.--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
Bob loses track of a spider (granting the spider infinite power) and Dan is smug about his new, fancy phone. Also Melissa McCarthy’s Desert Island. Music by Kari Bremnes.--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
Bob and Dan face off as only time-travelling cyborgs and North Korean agents can, they discuss some moobies, and then they drink some expired alcohol. Music by Two Gallants.--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
Brought back by person-of-the-week MintyGreth; Bob and Dan discuss why children laugh at Bob, create two hit MMOs, and talk about Dan's similarity to imaginary beings. Music by Frank Turner.--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
A day late because I forgot I had a podcast; this week we talk about my rent-to-own pants, the plight of squirrel madness, and the subtlety of the female English accent. Music by Ace of the Base--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
Brought to you by the island nation of Ireland, this very special unedited edition of the Bob and Dan Cast features pre-recorded "Road Thoughts" by our resident "Road Poet", Jonathan "Bob" Kearns. We also provide important commentary. Music by Elbow.--- Support this podcast:…
Dan makes a breakthrough in therapy, Bob toils under the thumb of Melissa McCarthy, and they both say some things that might be super offensive. Jury is still out. Music by Cracker--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
Bob adds things to his anti-bucket list, Dan establishes a new speech pattern, and Horsecrazyme requests some Charlie’s Angels action. Music by Cold War Kids--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
Unedited per reviewer request. We try our hand at a non-horror Hort, ask Bob anything, and come up with two new characters that are now personal favorites (favourites?). Music by NIN--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
We reboot Short Circuit (per Michael's request) and also other things. Should I be concerned that I can't remember stuff that literally just happened? Maybe I need to eat more fish (They say it's brain food). Music by Francoise Hardy.--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
Merry Hoobastank (4th of July)! Celebrate the foundation of our crumbling empire with a Black Peter themed musical, some holiday Yahoo questions, and discussion of jaill (southern prison). Music by the stank.--- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
We discuss the UK colloquial definition of "minty", decide guessing can never be racist, and create a brand new musical about sexy clergy and voodoo ceramics. Music by Cujo. --- Support this podcast:โดย Bob & Dan
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