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We are back in the zoom room discussing the NFT's of NBA with one of the most knowledgeable and influential voices in the game: LG Doucet of The First Mint. He gets into how he discovered Top Shot, where he thinks its going, and what Billy should do with his Ish Smith moments. Advertise on Buckets via…
We are back in the Zoom studio discussing the 800 things that have happened between last episode and now. The Lakers got better. The Pistons got weirder. And nearly every other team did... something. Advertise on Buckets via
We are back in the zoom studio rambling and gambling about the NBA Finals. Will LeBron average more than 29 points per game? Will KCP average less than one block? Will Kelly "Sometimes" Olynyk win MVP? Only one way to find out... Advertise on Buckets via
Billy is back! And we get to discuss our favorite team: the Denver Nuggets. Then we discuss whether Jimmy would want Giannis to join his team, and the legend of William Rondo. Advertise on Buckets with Amir Blumenfeld via
Friend and fellow basketball podcaster ("NO DUNKS") is on the Zoom discussing the Houston Rockets, pick up basketball, and which team has the best chance at winning it all. Advertise on Buckets with Amir Blumenfeld via
All right, let's try this again! The regular season may have grinded to a halt, but we're back! 22 teams playing 8 games is a great opportunity to re-draft our Over/Under league with (nearly) all of our friends again. Just in time for some Bubble trouble. Advertise on Buckets with Amir Blumenfeld via…
We are back! And chatting with LA Times Lakers beat writer Tania Ganguli, live from her quarantine hotel cell in Orlando. We ask her about the coolest thing she's seen so far, and if Lebron is staying in the best room in Disneyworld. Then we discuss whether or not we would head to central Florida for three months to watch this bizarre NBA Playoffs.…
"The Last Dance" director Jason Hehir is in the Zoom with us discussing MJ's parking skills, Phil Jackson's wardrobe, and why he won't be vacationing in Tanzania any time soon. Advertise on Buckets with Amir Blumenfeld via
In this episode we take a time machine back 10 years and do an NBA Fantasy Draft with literally no research. Who did well? Who did poorly? Listen to find out. Advertise on Buckets with Amir Blumenfeld via
We are pitching our best podcast ideas to current and former NBA stars. Help us get these made by tweeting at your favorite potential host! Who knows, maybe you can be their quasi co-host... Advertise on Buckets with Amir Blumenfeld via
We are in our separate quarantine home studios trying to come up with the best name in NBA history letter-by-letter! Then we discuss a Woj Bomb or two. Get your mind off self-isolation and let us know who we missed. Advertise on Buckets with Amir Blumenfeld via
Friend and near co-host Billy Scafuri is back in the studio answering as many questions as we can -- then asking a few of our own. Let us know how we did on Twitter -- positive feedback only, please! Thank you to today's sponsor, Elixinol. Visit and use the code BUCKETS20 at check out to receive 20% off Sports Gel today. Advertise on B…
The name behind the game Nick Elam is on the line discussing how he helped shape the 2020 NBA All Star Game, and what he hopes the future of NBA games will look like. Then I pitch him some minor adjustments to his infamous ending... Advertise on Buckets with Amir Blumenfeld via
Friend and NBA Historian Utkarsh Ambudkar is in the studio discussing that awesome All-Star Game, predictions for the second half of the season, and where Karl Malone went wrong... Advertise on Buckets with Amir Blumenfeld via
HeadGum's Chief Portland Officer Marty Michael is in the studio to discuss his undying allegiance to the Blazers and whether or not Carmelo Anthony can help them make the playoffs. Then he gives us some LOCKS of the week.
Fellow basketball podcaster and comedian Carl Tart is in the studio to discuss growing up a Clipper fan in Los Angeles, playing basketball against James Harden, and Lou Williams' costume party. For more Carl check out THE FLAGRANT ONES on Patreon.
Basketball season is finally upon us and we are back with the second annual over/under draft! Friends Billy, Adam, Marty, Chris, Jesse, and Zeus swing by the studio to make their selections. Oh, and check out the new cover art.
Which NBA player is gonna get a statue? Why did Dwight choose number 39?? Who is the hottest basketball podcaster??? Friend and fan Adam Lustick is back in the studio to discuss all of it. The Over/Under league champ then gives us a sneak peak at his favorite picks for this upcoming year.
Friends and fellow fans Billy Scafuri and Chris Wendelken are in the studio discussing NBA Duos. Who are the best, who are the coolest, who are the funniest? Who has the best chance to stay together forever, and who will likely not make it through the season. As always, let us know what you think on Twitter, Instagram or Venmo.…
Billy Scafuri is in the studio breaking down the best bets and possible narratives surrounding this Raptors/Warriors Finals. We also discuss how many hot dogs he ate at Dodger stadium the night before. Spoiler Alert: It was four.
I sit down with friends and Knicks, Cavs, Bulls fans as we discuss the draft then react in real time to our picks coming in. And they come in hot! Come for the NBA Analysis. Stay for the statistics talk!
Superguest Billy Scafuri is in the studio giving out real awards like MVP, as well as some fake ones like Third Best Rookie of the Year, Most Anonymous Player, and Happiest Team. Agree/disagree? Weigh in on Twitter!
Basketball historian and NBA analyst Leigh Ellis is on the line recapping his long, amazing journey from a young hoops head in Melbourne, Australia, to television host on NBATV's "The Starters." We also discuss if anybody can take down the Warriors, and where he would like to see Zion play next year.…
Celtics/Clippers Fan Hayes Davenport is in the studio to discuss what went wrong with the Lakers, who will win the east, and the fan so offensive, he was banned from Utah Jazz games. Brought to you by SeatGeek and MyBookie!
Friend and fellow NBA Podcaster Chris Wendelken is in the studio floating (free!) ideas to the New Orleans Pelicans about flipping Anthony Davis for the best package. Then we decide whether or not the Pelicans should accept that deal or wait until July. For more Chris, check out ON THE LINE pod.
Fantasy EXPERTS Billy and Chris are in the house discussing fantasy basketball highs and lows... and whether or not it's fun to watch James Harden shoot a lot. Play with us on FanDuel by signing up here! If they ask who sent you, it's "BullyScafuri" -- then tweet your FanDuel name at me (@jakeandamir) for an invite into the BUCKETS league!…
Comedian/Friend Adam Lustick is in the house discussing the most shocking storylines of the first third of this NBA Season... and where we think/hope Anthony Davis will end up this year. Then we bet our lock of the week!
Cleveland super fan and HeadGum dumbass Geoffrey James is in the studio to discuss the greatest Cavs of all time--including Baron Davis, Alonzo Gee, Cedi Osman, and LeBron James. Then he reads a poem he wrote for some reason.
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