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The guys talk about Matt Nagy's follicle situation. Lots of stuff to cover over the last 2 weeks, so hold on to your buns. The Fantasy Football world lost a great one to COVID-19, Mike Tagliere. If you feel led to donate to support Tags' family, the link is below.…
The guys wrap up the fantasy season with some discussion about hair, awkard air-time, and a general sense of pretending to know what they're talking about, but actually have no idea. Thanks so much for listening this season, and we look forward to doing it again next year!โดย Big Blue Fantasy
The season is over! Congratulations to our champion What a Travis-ty! The guys discuss why they don't want to be rich, and are bummed out about a lower egg injury. Eric is coming around on He Who Must Not Be Named, and they talk about some logistics setting up for the off-season.โดย Big Blue Fantasy
The guys talk about the final week of the fantasy season. Championship matchup is set, and it's a good one. Sad Josh Gordon news, but what do you expect? Intro music is Run Run Rudolph by Allen Stone. I do not own this content, just love it a lot and wanted to share.โดย Big Blue Fantasy
The guys talk about Among Us, and the COVID vaccine (GET IT). Jalen Hurts is going to get his shot at running an NFL offense, and Eric is probably way too high on Washington. Playoffs are here, let's see how we think they'll play out.โดย Big Blue Fantasy
The guys talk about Thanksgiving and your Iowa State Cyclones. The playoff picture is still hairy, but has a little bit more clarity attached to it. Buckle up folks, this is the second to last week of the fantasy regular season.โดย Big Blue Fantasy
The guys are with family, and hope you all are able to stay safe on this wild holiday. They talk about the sun, and throw way too many numbers at you for an audio medium. Also, TWO matchup previews, with some dissenting opinions...โดย Big Blue Fantasy
The guys go through a gauntlet of questions about the real NFL, no more of this fantasy football nonsense. They also talk about fantasy football obviously. And snow. They also have a guest host this week, so that's pretty neat.โดย Big Blue Fantasy
The guys talk about the Cowboys fire sale, Antonio Brown, and a decimated Seahawks backfield. Fire Adam Gase had a great week, and we found out that Fire Adam Gase is sitting at the bottom of the Power Rankings. Keep your eyes peeled for a bonus clip this week.โดย Big Blue Fantasy
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