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Magic & mischief, with a tad of 2020 presidential candidate Andrew ¥ANG. Hangin’ at the Sanctuary, our art studio in Antioch, TN with May Wild, Roses Marie & Doctor Daddy (aka Dom the scientist). Stay Blessed. Make the Music. Throw the Paint. Share your Story.
On this episode, Blake & Jake discuss the process of Finding Your ‘Everest,’ with their guest Theo Halls. In other words, what is it that ¥OU are inspired to do. Other topics of discussion include the Psychological Significance of Introspection, Theo’s dogs, & the value of money.
In this episode, Blake & Jake dive into the importance of community, connectedness and 'finding your guide.' If you have questions, comments, or want to vibe, reach out to us on Instagram: @iamgrowingyounger — Blake & Jake.
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