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Biden's Briefing

Biden's Briefing

Joe Biden

What Joe wants you to know. Every day, Vice President Joe Biden looks to the news across the nation that's sparking conversation, sharing the articles and opinions that he's reading and might be of interest to you. Entertaining. Informative. Thought-provoking. He doesn't always agree with them, but they've got something to say.
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Audio Story EP 03 Bangla Comedy Natok 2022 কমেডি নাটক 2022 নতুন বাংলা অডিও গল্প পডকাস্ট ফুল নাটক, বাংলা গল্প,โดย Mr. Biden
Audio Story EP 02 Bangla Comedy Natok 2022 কমেডি নাটক 2022 নতুন বাংলা অডিও গল্প পডকাস্ট ফুল নাটকโดย Mr. Biden
Sweden has long been one of the world’s most tolerant countries. In Sunday’s election, it demonstrated that no country is immune from the anti-immigrant, far-right backlash.โดย Joe Biden
Barack Obama delivered a widely covered speech about our current president and suggested that Donald Trump didn’t necessarily deserve much credit for the healthy economy.โดย Joe Biden
People in Puerto Rico struggled to find drinkable water for months after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. Meanwhile, millions of water bottles sat unused on a runway.โดย Joe Biden
Nearly three times as many American parents fear for their child’s safety at school today than during the immediate aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootingโดย Joe Biden
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