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Join Bernadette as she shares a couple of insights around what might prevent you selling at top dollar, make you feel the need to discount or cause you to feel awkward about negotiating your programs, packages or products.โดย Bernadette McClelland
Sales Pitches are old hat. Stories are the go - but which story needs to be a priority? Tune in to today’s Commercial Conversations to find out Bernadette’s best kept client story.โดย Bernadette McClelland
We are in extraordinary times with many professionals wanting to reinvent their world and align with what they really want. Join Bernadette as she shares the beginning of her professional journey of reinvention and the 3 key lessons she has learnt so far.โดย Bernadette McClelland
Bernadette McClelland as she shares key insights to help you master the art of Commercial Conversations so you can scale your business even more. Let's begin at the beginning with the first in a short series around TANGIBLE OUTCOMES - goal setting for non-goal setters where she will provide two options for achieving your outcomes. One – from a left…
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