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Pastor Bobby begins a new teaching series, Denominations Comparison: A Study Of 12 Major Denominations and Their Beliefs. This study compares what 12 Christian denominations believe about God, the Trinity, Jesus, and other key areas. Denominations included in this study are Catholicism, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Pentecostal and more.…
This passage has different witnesses that Jesus is the Christ, and those that believe in Him have ETERNAL LIFE, starting when they believe- The Spirit has these witnesses recorded that all might believe that Jesus is the Christ, and those that believe have Eternal Life.โดย George Kelley
We see Asaph going down -vv. 1-15-, going up -vv. 16-26-, and his conclusion -vv. 27-28-, as we hear Asaph ask and answer the age-old question, -Why do bad things happen to good people and good things to bad people.-โดย Matt Henslee
April 11, 2021 — This morning Pastor Steve continued the series of sermons in the Book of Revelation with a message titled “The Risen Christ to the Church of Smyrna” from Revelation 2:8-11.โดย Steve Weaver
The message explains how salvation in Christ releases us from the Old Covenant Law and breaks the master-slave relationship we had with our sin nature. We are no longer married to our sin nature but to Christ. As slaves to righteous now, we are guided to godly living by God's grace our sanctification.…
Chris starts our new series on 'Who should I be listening to?' and how we should be following God's voice.1. Position ourselves to hear - 2. Start with a yes - 3. Hear and to keep listening - 4. Listening must lead to doing.โดย Chris White
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