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Enterprise Middle School received the 2018 ASCD Whole Child Award in Washington and the 2018 Global "Class Act Award" for its award winning culture. By creating a culture of kindness, service, and empathy we've taken student leadership to an epic level. We invite you to join in this student-led journey where we explore Character, Excellence, and Community with some of the best leadership minds. We'll be sharing interviews with authors, educators, experts, and even other leadership students a ...
Welcome to Prides Hollow, the small town with a big heart. Where people stay but the gossip travels. Award-winning storyteller Kelly Swanson takes you to her town of Prides Hollow, about a mile and a hair past nowhere. Where the simple life is revered, ordinary heroes are appreciated, and the stories are never fancy - they're just about the people. And everything is better with a casserole and a bless your heart. It's the mythical town filled with people you know. Season 1 is all about the c ...
The Business Lounge Podcast is for those thinking of starting a business, business owners, from start-ups to established businesses. We will cover different areas of life and business with lots of tips and advice to keep you accountable, inspired, motivated and supported! To find out how you can work with me or come along to one of our Business Lounge monthly events visit The Business Lounge Connections, Collaborations and Conversations all in one event. The Business ...
The original podcast dedicated to strip away the buzz, the marketing spin and the hype by getting under the hood and giving you “all coffee… no sugar”. The only coffee podcast show motivating you to take action and accelerate your results with your coffee and your business by sharing tools, resources, ideas, reviews and interviews which work on getting you the biggest results by concentrating on the important small things. Interviewing real coffee business owners and probing their minds to g ...
Battleground America, hosted by Tara Servatius, dives deep into the critical 2020 Presidential election. This election could change the way Americans live forever. Who pulls the unseen strings? What's their agenda? How is our culture shifting, who's shifting it, and why? How will it all play out? Battleground America is a must-listen with a daily synopsis of intel on American politics and culture, with unparalleled insight. Tara Servatius is the award-winning host of The Tara Show heard week ...
Voting may be the cornerstone of our democracy, but the reality of how voting works in America — and who gets to do it — is not as fair or clear-cut as we like to tell ourselves. In this new limited series, award-winning journalist Katie Couric explores America’s voting record — past, present, and future — with the help of activists, historians, politicians and luminaries. Through personal stories and engaging interviews, we’ll talk about the ways voters have been kept out of the system and ...
On August 15, 2002 in the quiet town of Oak Level, Virginia someone shot and killed Michael and Mary Short in what investigators called an execution style murder. Their daughter 9-year-old Jennifer Short was snatched from her bed, setting off a massive search. Heartbreak 6 weeks later as deputies found her remains 45 minutes away near a North Carolina creek. 17 years later, no suspects, no motive, and no clues as to who killed Jennifer Short. Follow along in this Murrow Award winning podcast ...
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Allen Koppe ACS drops into the DDDB for a chat, multi disciplined and a great guy!โดย Light Minded
You’ve gained knowledge within the groups, now get up close and personal with those Notaries. New to our atmosphere? Make sure you are a part of our South Carolina Notary Network Group on Facebook. We can be found at…
Big Tech and the world's intel agencies just merged into an international organization determined to silence the right, not just on social media, but literally from the keypad of our phones, erasing us from digital life. And they're not even hiding it. See for privacy information.…
This is only the beginning. Global elites are following the same playbook in country after country. Phase 2 is about speech and movement control, key features every authoritarian regime eventually has. Here's how they're doing it. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
They've censored a lot of people to keep it from you. Here's what they don't want you to know about COVID right now. It's why they're ramping up censorship. Both the vaccinated and unvaccinated need to hear this. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
The DOJ is now a criminal enterprise itself. That's creating a whole class of privileged Democrats who need never worry about the consequences of their crimes, which gives them the power to do ... almost anything. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
Our race-obsessed, Black Lives Matter loving elites have betrayed the black Cuban rappers behind the protests, consigning them to a fate of imprisonment and torture. Here's what that means. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
It's part of a speech censorship plan called C2PA and it does far more than just censor your texts. It cancels you digitally for disagreeing with their narrative. I predicted this in March. Here's how it will work. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
Christian has a new hobby/passion plus the winner of the North Face jacket announced!โดย Light Minded
Even the financial media is hiding the truth, while you pay more and more at the store over the last 4 months. Here's the real reason prices are escalating, and it is not COVID. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
"You've gained knowledge within the groups, now get up close and personal with those Notaries. Listen in on how to join other State of South Carolina Notaries Public on September 7th, 2021." New to our Notary/Signing Agent atmosphere? Make sure you are a part of our South Carolina Notary Network Group on Facebook.…
We'll remember this as the month we should have stopped them, the month Democrats launched a lawless secret police force, a feature of every authoritarian regime. Here's what they just did. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
Trump's lawsuit will literally determine the fate of humanity. We will either eventually live as slaves, or experience the greatest renaissance of freedom the world has seen since the country's founding. Here's why. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
Truly honoured today to be joined by one of the greats of our craft. He talks, and we listen (kinda) :)โดย Light Minded
Panicked Australian leaders are the first to say it. America is no longer a superpower. Now they're planning how they'll survive in a post-American world that threatens their very way of life ... as everyday Americans remain oblivious. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
The government wants to put conservatives on Watch and No Fly lists. It's why Facebook just asked people to turn in "extremists," even if they're not on Facebook, or violent. It's the first step in controlling our ability to travel. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
A shocking admission by the DOJ about our intel agencies. Find out how Microsoft executives forced Attorney General Merrick Garland to admit it they'd committed crimes, and hear the execs warning that the DOJ's crimes might have been committed against you, and are likely still ongoing. See for privacy information.…
You'll never catch athletes like Gwen Berry, or other leftist leaders, condemning the slavery or repression going on in the world right now. Here's why. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
It’s summer! And here on Next Question with Katie Couric, Katie’s celebrating the shortest season with a fun series on books! But not just any books — memoirs!. Katie just finished writing her own memoir (which comes out this October — stay tuned!), so she wanted to spend time with other people who have shared their stories and put themselves on th…
Commercial Action and Adventure Photographer Mark Watson drops by, we learn his technique in getting stunning images for MAJOR clients like The North Face and Harley Davidson. Great guy!โดย Light Minded
Here's what it means. Our Chinese-style surveillance system's in place. Americans haven't been taught to accept and fear it the way Washington politicians do. But that's about to change. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
Did Hunter know COVID was coming? When Fauci, Google, the Pentagon, Hunter & the CCP all put their money in the same place and a bioweapon emerges, it's time to ask serious questions. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
Proof the FBI was knee-deep in the planning for Jan. 6. Plus, from the Pentagon to Google, it appears our most elite institutions all played a role in the creation, funding and weaponization of COVID. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
SENG MAH joins us for a chat, which was fantastic, we talk about some of his favourite destinations to shoot. PLEASE FORGIVE THE AUDIO QUALITY, but listen hard, he talks about some pretty good stuff!โดย Light Minded
Arrest members of Congress? Behavioral assessments for all? And that's just the beginning as the Biden Government puts in writing what they have planned for you. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
They blocked viable COVID treatments while censoring data showing the lockdowns that devastated the economy were unnecessary. Why won't someone just say it? All this wreckage was by design. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
From Biden's bizarre foreign appearance to his fantastical $6T spending plan by a country everyone know is broke, the world got an eyeful this week. Here are the big things that happened & what they mean. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
No consequences. Already preparing for the next one. Biden's main message to the world at the G7 was that China's off the hook and we'd like another, please. Here's what he said. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
New evidence suggests they did, to get new powers to spy on you & politically purge police departments as part of Biden's new domestic "War on Terror." See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
Today we're joined by Suellen Saidee Cook, her work is amazing, we delve into her creative mind....โดย Light Minded
A North Koren defector calls American colleges nuts. The indoctrination she got there is shockingly similar to that used in North Korea, she says. Standard college is not attendable for our children. The sooner parents accept that, the better. See for privacy information.โดย Audacy
Today, we're joined by legendary photographer Chris Dark, and we ask him what is more important, composition or light...โดย Light Minded
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