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Striving together AS ONE without fear of oppostion knowing that suffering may come. Any encouragement from being one with Christ, any comforts from his love, any tenderness or compassion: then make Pauls' joy complete by being like minded and of one spirit/mind.โดย Awaken Community
A pastors heart/hopes for his people. Confident that God will complete what God has begun, I pray your love may abound in knowledge, that you may be able to discern a path that leads to life, and that your lives will be filled with the fruit of life and resurrection.โดย Awaken Community
The life of Moses is often studied in three 40-year spans - 40 years of becoming, 40 years of formation, and 40 years of doing the work. Throughout his life he goes through these spans or phases or seasons of something being born and something dying.โดย Awaken Community
What comes to mind when you hear the words "repent" and "sin"? Guesses are not much positivity. This morning, we dive into the biblical meaning behind these words and not necessarily the American church's meaning.โดย Awaken Community
Jesus was among the marginalized for a majority of the time he ministered. What does this say about the kingdom? How does it influence our lives and our community when we say we want to look like Jesus?โดย Awaken Community
What does a life lived under the influence of the kingdom look like? How would it guide our decisions from day to day? And what does Jesus say the kingdom of God is like? This is one more thing that we center Awaken around, another piece of Jesus' life and teachings.โดย Awaken Community
This morning, Micah shares about how we can see the thing behind the thing. For the Pharisees, it was washing your hands that made you clean. But what Jesus worked to change was the religion for religion sake; you can wash the outside of a cup and it's still dirty inside.โดย Awaken Community
For our second week of the series, we're talking about the third way; non-violence and peace making. It's the way of Jesus and of his kingdom. ***This week we made the hard decision to be back online for a few weeks due to the surge of covid cases.โดย Awaken Community
At Awaken, we say we're about the well and not the fence. We prefer to gather around the well instead of building a fence to decide who's in and who's out. Which begs the question - what's in the well? What do we center ourselves around? Starting this week, we'll name those things that we center our community around.…
The word “father” can be complicated. It can be discomforting. It can bring up bad memories. It can also be reassuring and warm. However you come to that today, there’s a place for you. We had an original sketch written by Tiffany Cornwell, Directed by Joy Donley, starring Tiffany Cornwell and Mike Donley during the gatherings.…
This second week of Advent, the week of Joy, we continue on in Isaiah 9 on the names of the Lord - Almighty God. The Lord's might is different than the typical might; the way of the Lord doesn't fight fire with fire, violence with violence. So what does the Lord's might look like?โดย Awaken Community
For the first Sunday of advent, we continue our tradition of the Advent art series with Vanessa Lucius brining her painting and Brienna Rossiter, a poem. This season, we'll be going through Isaiah 9:6 where it's prophesied the coming of Jesus and the names that he will be known as; Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peac…
In addition to Jenna's prayer and reflection practice, we have Micah's teaching he would have taught on Sunday should he have been able to make it. He closes out the Faith & Doubt series with John the Baptist who asks "are you the one who is to come, or should we expect someone else?" Meditation music by: Signa (feat. John Mark Nelson)…
We have a bit of a change of pace this week. Micah wasn’t able to make it Sunday morning so we did a prayer and reflection practice during the gathering. You can follow along with the prayer and reflection questions to participate. Micah’s sermon will be posted separately.โดย Awaken Community
Throughout the gospels, Jesus teaches by saying "You have heard it said...but I say unto you..." as a way to show there's more. There's a deeper, fuller view than you've seen so far. What if we carried this on as a community? What would that look like?โดย Awaken Community
This morning, we continue our series on Faith & Doubt with the quintessential doubter of the scriptures - Doubting Thomas. But could "Doubting Thomas" actually be someone to look up to instead of an example of what not to do?โดย Awaken Community
Pastor Judy Howard Peterson joins us again this morning to talk about reframing the mission of the church and how it can transform how we show up as the body of Christ in the world.โดย Awaken Community
Pastor Judy Howard-Peterson is with us again teaching from Paul's letter to the Corinthians. Expanding from last week's message reminding us of our deep need to be connected to the source, Judy talks about generosity and living congruent lives.โดย Awaken Community
This morning Pastor Jenna teaches on 1 Corinthians 10:1-13, focusing on Paul's word to the church at Corinth to "do better." Jenna helps us reflect on what was revealed in us this past year and explores what it actually means to be invited by God to do better.โดย Awaken Community
This morning, Micah clarifies what we believe generosity is and what it isn't. This isn't a cry for money as it can often be when you hear the subject of a sermon is generosity. It's a way of us being together after shrinking back, closing in, and shutting down due to the pandemic. In many ways, we have to relearn what it looks like to be generous …
In the second week of our Proximate series, we wanted to acknowledge the process some of the grief and loss that we've experienced since we last met. And in this practice, learn how to be Jesus and embody the Lord's comfort to each another.โดย Awaken Community
This Sunday was our first gathering back together in person in the building. 16 months, 73 weeks, 508 days since our last gathering. With this series, we're focusing on what it looks like to be together, next to each other in the pews once again.โดย Awaken Community
This week's final teaching of our Lost in Translation series is from the New Testament. 1 Corinthians 11 is about how women should wear head coverings in worship. Could this scripture actually mean the opposite of what we've mostly heard?โดย Awaken Community
Aaaaaand here's another doozy. As potentially problematic as this passage has been for many, the Great Commission is our scripture for this week. Micah jumps into pulling the threads and differentiating between consent and conquest.โดย Awaken Community
Another great week of Lost in Translation with Micah. This week, it's the story of Tamar in Genesis 38. Micah takes on a couple misconceptions about the scripture and offers some different ideas and takes to consider.โดย Awaken Community
This week, we’re discussing Romans 13. It may not seem like an obvious choice for Lost in Translation on the surface, but it's been used to rationalize so much that is the opposite of the way of Jesus in the world.โดย Awaken Community
We're jumping in full force with this summer's Lost in Translation series with Judges 19. It's one of those scriptures you read and think "What the what?!" But Micah shows us what we can glean from it and how it applies to where we find ourselves today. Surgeon General's Warning: Not suitable to listen with children present. Also, this content migh…
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