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First Presbyterian Church of San Anselmo

First Presbyterian Church of San Anselmo

First Presbyterian Church of San Anselmo

Join us as each week as we explore and practice what it means to express God's love for the world. First Presbyterian is an inclusive congregation located in the heart of Marin County, California. We are a church that feels called to love one another, express gratitude, ease suffering, and work for justice.
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In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus announces a brave new world, breaking forth even now. We actualize that when we live it out. “You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world.” Let salt be salty. Let light shine.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
In the Beatitudes, Jesus announces a brave new world that honors and dignifies and lifts up our humanity and that, in Christ reshapes our lives on the basis of loving relationship.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
“Follow me” is an invitation not just to do something, but to be something. It is an invitation to belong to God’s beloved community.โดย Rev. Judy Slater, Guest Preacher
This is the Good News of Christmas – the heartbeat of God pulsing in the fullness of humanity. As we live into the life of Christ, we become the heartbeat of God in and for the world God loves.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
The second in our Advent series "Hope of a Starlit Night" -- God keeps vigil at night, inviting us into the vigil and into the work of freedom.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
On All Saints Day, we celebrate God’s love alive in the saints who have gone before, those living now, and those who are yet to come.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
God hears the pleas of the hungry and invites us to listen and act – to pray and never give up. The world is full of the pleas and cries of the hundreds of millions who hunger. World Food Day asks us to listen and to act.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
God joins us in the circle of lament -- as we listen to the lament of the world, share our own, and move forward together into a world of healing.โดย Patrick O'Connor & Scott Clark
In Christ, our work is to work for the freedom of all, so that individually and together we can become all we are created to be and do in the world.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
Jesus invites all of us to a table of mutuality and justice, where the privileged give up our place at the table as we celebrate those who are finding theirs.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
On the night before he dies, Jesus embodies and suggests an answer to the question, “What does a good day look like for you?” – inviting us to live into what really matters.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
Jesus invites us into a rhythm of a life centered and grounded in love – acting with compassion to meet the needs of the world, and resting in the presence of the God who welcomes us all.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
What is the center of our faith? Like Hannah, let us ground our faith in the love of a steadfast and trustworthy God.โดย Patrick Kiptum, Former First Pres Seminary Intern
In a world of power-over, the Good News lies in the agency and freedom that God gives us to live – by the power of the Spirit – lives that work for freedom, for the common good, and for the well-being of all people. God gives us agency and freedom to work for the common good, within the context of the constitutional structures of nations.…
In freedom, the Spirit of Christ empowers us to live out lives of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
In the power of the Risen Christ, Resurrection liberates bodies and lives. Resurrection breaks everything free, and then invites us to take the next step into this new life of liberation.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
Like, Paul and Lydia and Ananias and Tabitha and the women at the river outside the city gates, and the widows in Joppa, we welcome each other in to the life of Resurrection. In Christ, we experience Resurrection in depth of belonging – in hospitality and tender mercy – embodied in community – embodied in us.…
In this Sunday's sermon, we venture into the world of Revelation. Enlivened and empowered by Resurrection, we experience the Risen Christ in fierce resistance and in tender mercy.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
In breakfast on the shore with the Risen Christ, the disciples experience Resurrection in their bodies. They experience not only Jesus’ Resurrection, but their own. (This homily followed an enactment of the Scripture, from the play "Fish Eyes.")โดย Rev. Scott Clark
In worship, we heard the case for Thomas, who history has wrongly judged for doubting. To Thomas’s questions, the Risen Christ responds with the gracious offer of himself and of life. The case for Thomas is the case for us.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
If the stones shout out, what will they shout? Will they shout praise, and protest, and lament? In the fullness of Holy Week, what we experience is Christ filled to the fullness of our humanity, as we are filled to the fullness of Christ’s.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
In the parable of the fig tree, Jesus walks us into a world where folks together till the soil of new creation, so that everyone can live and thrive.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
With our thoughts on Ukraine, this morning’s psalm takes seriously the suffering of the world and gives it voice. And, at the same time, the psalm holds that lament with hope – hope in a God who is our shelter and our strength.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
The invitation of Ash Wednesday: Even now, even now, return to me with all your heart – with all your broken pieces – with all you are. And I will pour out my spirit on all flesh. Your youth will see visions; your elders dream dreams.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
At every threshold, God is present moving the whole world toward good – toward healing, toward forgiveness, toward belonging, toward love.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
With blessing and woe, Jesus brings us into a world of mutuality, a level place, where we see each other face to face, and see and meet each other’s need.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
At the Threshold of Forgiveness – by God’s grace, we stand in the life we have lived until now – then we step through... into the life we find in Jesus Christ – we step into the new creation – into a world filled with love, possibility, and hope.โดย Rev. Scott Clark
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