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Prince Harry and Megan talk to Oprah regarding the issues they have faced in the royal family. Duce and Easy devise a plan to fix the issue of financial debt caused by tertiary education.ENJOY!โดย Duce & Easy
Duce and Easy talk about the Daft Punk retirement announcement and go through their most influential catalogue.They also discuss the Cam Newton situation and the disrespect a young teen showed him at his football camp.Enjoy y'all.โดย Duce & Easy
Duce and Easy talk about the situation where Lizzo was bashed by her fans for going on a smoothie diet/cleanse. They discuss what the root cause is for that then pivot into why working out makes you feel great.ENJOY!โดย Duce & Easy
Duce and Easy talk about the election week and all the controversy and what Biden/Trump needs to win. They talk about how social media has and is influencing people ideologies through AI.โดย Duce & Easy
Duce and Easy get on a call and chat about the cheating scandal that happened involving the SA presenter Katlego Maboe. Then they pivot to the End SARS protests happening in Nigeria.Enjoy the takes!โดย Duce & Easy
Duce and Easy talk about the new tech releases and whether they're worth getting as soon as they're released. They talk about where the gaming industry is headed as well.โดย Duce & Easy
Duce and Easy have an easy flowing conversation about expectations that come with orthodox thinking and why it can limit you. They discuss why it's necessary to constantly question decisions you make.Enjoy!โดย Duce & Easy
Duce and Easy get together to talk about the new Netflix documentary titled "The Social Dilemma" which discusses the pitfalls that social media platforms have introduced to the young generation.ENJOY!โดย Duce & Easy
Duce gets Batsi on the podcast to talk about the stock market, real estate and gold. They talk about the strategies people should look into exploring in their bid to generate generational wealth.ENJOY!โดย Duce & Easy
Duce does a solo act in this episode and gives a touching tribute to Chadwick "The Black Panther" Boseman. RIPHe then talks about the transfer business that United is trying to conduct and why it seems like it's taking forever.โดย Duce & Easy
The boys meet and discuss a short history of ISIS based on the podcast "Caliphate". They discuss the TikTok ban then close off with a STRONG react to the controversial WAP music video feat Kylie.โดย Duce & Easy
The boys get together to talk about the one thing everyone spoke about this week....the Will and Jada Pinkett Smith entanglement involving August Alsina.AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY EASY!Enjoy!โดย Duce & Easy
The boys reconvene and talk about football regarding Manchester United and what they need to do to be able to genuinely challenge for the league next season.โดย Duce & Easy
Duce, Easy and WhatsCookingInTheKitchen discuss how the streaming game works as well as how YouTube stars overseas get paid more because of advertising power. They also talk about why that results in artists taking their overseas ventures more seriously than the African ones.โดย Duce & Easy
Easy and Kai reflect on how music has changed in the past 20 years.Stream Kai's album here Tasting Menu:โดย Duce & Easy
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