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He Is Risen! Happy Easter. Today we want to take time to thank Jesus, and celebrate what He accomplished on the cross. Let's lean in with Pastor Richie as he discusses why today is the most glorious day of celebration.
God designed relationships to instill confidence and encouragement in us. In relationships God teaches us how to love, how to interact with others, and how to believe. Let's lean in with Pastor Richie and Pastor Pam as they discuss how we should use our influences.
We are continuing in our series Roadmap To Relationships today, and we've been talking about the importance of God's Word and how it guides our relationships. Because of this we need to be aware of where we are at in our relationship with God because everything begins with our relationship with God.
Today we continue in our series Roadmap To Relationships, and we're looking at what God's word has to say about our relationships. Because relationships are the most important, yet sometimes challenging, part of our lives.
Today we continue with our series Refocus, and talk about the things that we need to Refocus on. Because they are foundational, basic, and the basis for living the Victorious life that God has called for us. Let's lean in with Pastor Richie as he talks about Living Worry Free.
The feeling of not being enough is a normal part of being human. At some point, we all deal with it. Our response may be that we try to PROVE that we have what it takes. Or, we may try to HIDE so that nobody notices. Feeling like we're not enough feeds our insecurities, so we do everything in our power to keep people from seeing it. Let's lean in w…
Today we continue in our series Love & Hope. Let's lean in with Pastor Richie as he discusses the importance of Renewing Our Minds. By Renewing Our Minds Daily, Hourly, and Moment by Moment, we can better understand God's Will, and start to live by the Spirit, and not by the Flesh.
We are continuing in our series Behind The Mask. If this is your 1st time tuning into this series, we want to encourage you to back up a few episodes, as Pastor Richie has been building a foundation with all of the episodes. Let's lean in with Pastor Richie as he discusses the warnings that the Bible gives us regarding The Last Days.…
We've been looking at the attack against our soul and mind. Because culture wants to try and determine your world view and how you see life. Because they know that if they can get your mind, they can get your body. They can begin to change your behavior, and your actions. Let's lean in with Pastor Richie as we dive deeper in what's Behind The Mask.…
Have you ever asked God to do something in your life, and are disappointed when He doesn't do exactly what you asked Him to do? God wants us to learn and grow, so He gives us opportunities to grow our Faith. By growing our Faith, we can expand our Love & Hope.
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