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พ็อดคาสท์ Alcoholism ดีที่สุดที่เราพบ
พ็อดคาสท์ Alcoholism ดีที่สุดที่เราพบ
Millions of adults suffer from alcohol abuse, and it's not only those who imbibe that suffer but also their loved ones, and podcasts are a great way to bring awareness of the effects of alcoholism. With this collection of podcasts, learn more about alcoholic treatment options, real stories from alcoholics and their steps to recovery and maintaining sobriety, as well as how to deal with alcoholics and living a sober life.


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After presenting an overview of alcoholism and its affect on society, Dr. Cutten dives into the effects of chronic alcoholism on physiology, the nervous system, memory, intellect, will, emotions, senses that affect the individual's morals and sanity. Lastly he presents two cures known at that time, Religious conversion and hypnotism. Summary by Curt Walton



I record podcasts called I write a blog called which is about alcoholism and addiction recovery, which explores alternatives to the 12 step solution of AA. I have many links to useful resourses about this method on my blog
Gripping, raw, and honest firsthand accounts of the desperation of alcoholism, drug addiction, and codependency, along with the moving recollections of the hope, connection, and peace found through the miracle of 12 Step Recovery. Hosted by Matt Shedd of MARR Addiction Treatment Centers, guests share their firsthand experience about what treatment at MARR and long-term recovery looks like on a day-to-day basis. We also hear from counselors who work in the addiction treatment field as they sh ...
Planet Sober Radio Podcast is for people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Join us in recovery with stories from your hosts Brandon and Sober Joe and co-host Jade. Addiction, Alcoholism, Recovery, Quit Drinking and Stop Using Drugs
Sober Ventures is for anyone in recovery from substance or alcohol abuse. We feature stories of inspiring entrepreneurs and individuals making wonderful things happen in their life and for others in their sobriety. We are listener powered, so if you'd like to share your story, just send an email to and we'll get your story out to the world. We are all stronger in this together. Support this podcast:
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Brian’s alcoholism in college led him to drop out. However, when he got into recovery, he went on to help build the software for the Curiosity Rover, which took photos of the surface of Mars. In addition, he worked with the Navy on equipment that took photos deep underwater. But before all that, there was a time in his life when he couldn’t stay so…
Nick was a professional pilot, and he knew he had an alcohol problem. Despite his genuine love for flying and knowing that his career was in jeopardy, he could not stop himself from drinking. Not only could he not stop, he felt like he couldn’t ask for help either. He kept drawing lines in the sand of things he would never do, and inevitably he wou…
Kaitlin Byrne is the Lead Family Counselor at our Men’s Recovery Center. Her job is to work specifically with the family members of our clients to help them recognize how they’ve been affected by their loved one’s addiction and begin the healing process. In this conversation with host Matt Shedd, Kaitlin explains what makes addiction a family disea…
Penelope’s drinking and drug use began in high school and ramped in her young adulthood. During the 1960s, she traveled around and participated in events like Woodstock and became addicted to heroin in the process. She ended up in prison for a year at the age of 21. Upon getting out, she joined a company as a dancer and taught at a college while al…
Herschel was stuck in a rut, but he didn’t know he was an alcoholic. He just thought he was binge drinking a few nights a week. Whenever he ended up in jail as a result of his drinking, a family member would bail him out. But when he was 29, he wrecked a car when he was drunk and woke up in the hospital handcuffed to the bed. This time his parents …
Tad was well-known in the Atlanta community as a successful real estate developer. Then he was arrested for a DUI and made the news. In treatment, he learned that his business success didn’t necessarily translate into success in recovery. In fact, he found out that he needed to accept his weakness if he wanted to stay sober. By participating in com…
Anna K., an anesthesiologist with over 20 years of sobriety, vividly describes an unforgettable night when she gave herself a combination of the narcotics she would administer to patients. This crisis event forced her to confront her own addiction and seek help. Throughout her recovery, Anna has had what she describes as an “exciting period of disc…
When you are entrusting yourself or your loved ones into the care of a counseling staff, you want to know what those counselors are like, what they care about, and how they treat the clients. On this episode, you will get some answers to those questions and a sense of the caring and compassionate approach adopted by MARR’s professional clinical sta…
Between her former husband, her brother, and her sister-in-law, Melissa had been surrounded by people in active addiction for years. She was loaning money, bailing people out of jail, and doing whatever she could to try to help. But like many people in this position, all her efforts didn’t seem to get anywhere. In fact, the addictions of her loved …
“That’s when I found God.” This is how Christopher recalls what it felt like to take hydrocodone for the first time. But before long, his addiction took a brutal hold of his life in the middle of a successful career as a doctor. Despite having everything, he eventually found himself in a place where he wanted to die, and he couldn’t understand why.…
Despite a significant opiate addiction, Eric was making good money and eventually was even offered a position as vice president at his company. Initially, he had thought drugs were just... The post Ep 62: I Had an Opiate Addiction, but I Thought I Could Drink appeared first on MARR.โดย MARR Addiction Treatment Centers
Caitlin started drinking at 15, around the same time that her mom was diagnosed with cancer. By the time she was 20, Caitlin’s mother had passed away, and her father... The post Ep 61: Gratitude and Resentment Can’t Exist at the Same Time appeared first on MARR.โดย MARR Addiction Treatment Centers
Jasmine shares her transformative experience as part of MARR’s Right Side Up program. Before coming to RSU, she lived in a room where she blocked out all the light. While... The post Ep 60: I’m Going to Keep It Raw appeared first on MARR.โดย MARR Addiction Treatment Centers
After college, Gil spent a short time as a police officer who was addicted to drugs but was also arresting people for drugs. He thought that if he became a... The post Ep 59: The Pastor Addicted to Pills, Booze, and Applause appeared first on MARR.โดย MARR Addiction Treatment Centers
We all face moments where we are completely overwhelmed by the problems we are facing and the situations we find ourselves in. At these times, all of the strengths, tools,... The post Ep 58: The Fear You Are Feeling Right Now Is Real appeared first on MARR.โดย MARR Addiction Treatment Centers
How does a person go from living in the woods and running from bloodhounds to holding his community accountable to protect his fellow clients in treatment? At our treatment centers,... The post Ep 57: Enough Dope to Kill a Baseball Team appeared first on MARR.โดย MARR Addiction Treatment Centers
Self-acceptance is an important part of recovery. Growing up gay in a community where that wasn’t accepted, Keith W. felt flawed—like something was wrong with him. When he found drugs... The post Ep 56: How I Learned Self-Acceptance appeared first on MARR.โดย MARR Addiction Treatment Centers
In this episode we hear from Nicole T., a medical professional who went through MARR when she was 19 years old, long before her career started. Later, as her career... The post Ep 55: A Scholarship Helped Me Come Back appeared first on MARR.โดย MARR Addiction Treatment Centers
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