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SHE'S GOT SIMON BISLEY EYES! Johns goes to London to see The Simon Davis 'I Am Because You Are' solo art exhibition. Flint talks briefly about John Richardsons 'Tina Tailpipe' Kickstarter by Evil Dale...and a first impression of Jo Heeleys 'Pandora' comic by The77 Publications. Rossy reads the 'Regened' prog so you don't have to! All this and the l…
THIS PODCAST CHANGES EVERYTHING! Actually, no...Just like the Dredd story...it doesn't. John tells us all about the Bolland Apex Edition. Who is on The Lawless Convention Panels. The Batman, Moon Knight and Rossy spoils The Mulitverse of Madness!
Flint Gets Personal! The Progcast was a little late this week...but it's worth it as Rossy spoils the Dredd story! John's 'Adventures in Morris Dancing' or 'John Burdis Alias The Wicker Man!'. The lads talk about Neal Adams, 'The Batman', 'Venom'...and other movie and TV stuff. Plus the Lads have a Kickstarter comic project...these days, who doesn'…
The Best of the Heeleys joins the Crazy Gang to talk about her journey in comics and how it's led to her very own comic 'Pandora'. We also find out who is afraid of certain fairy folk...especially if they carry a certain type of vegetable. All this plus we manage to squeeze in a review of Prog 2277!
KONSPIRACY KORNER John mentions something at the start, then has to clarify at the end...because the Government are listening! Dredd @45 Museum Exhibit, The'77 Kickstarter...and it looks amazing!!! Bolland APEX paper shortage. Dune! Johns near-death experience and finally...the Prog Review!
Normal service will be resumed shortly! No new Progcast this week as Flint had a power outage! In the meantime…listen to this Blast from the Past!!! Original Blurb: 'With Flint unavailable Stacey once again steps in to help work through progs 1684-86, recap the Bristol Comic Expo and take the p*ss out of Flints “yappy type dogs”. As usual, spoilers…
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR LISTENERS! The Gang go through their best covers of the year with help in the form of a list from Andrew Sawyers, Pete Stewart and Postal Operative, Dave Heeley! Bathtubs Over Broadway! Matrix Resurrection! Guinea Pig Etsy! Mr. Bug speaks! Marmite!
GAMMON HEAR THE NOISE! It's Rap spelt with a capital 'C'! Flint's dogs go berserk as he helps a stray dog! Rossy explains music history. We review the Prog and also...BUY 'SHAMAN KANE' by David Broughton!!! You know it makes sense!!!
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Probably one of the best comic book publications out there at the moment. The lads sit down with 'THE 77's own Dave Heely as they go through and review THE 77's first hardback Annual. The regular Prog takes a backseat as we deep dive through some fantastic stories and art and talk all things '77. The '77 is The Future of UK Comi…
KILLER SQUIRRELS! Thought Bubble, The '77 Annual and Best Wishes. The Sentinel '77. Rouge Troper Christmas Movies, Fake Jumper, Dredd Beer is Here! The Art of Paul Davidson, Gulliver of mars, Swap Shop, Yellowstone, Shang Chi, Eddie Kidd is no Evel Knieval. All this and the Prog review.
Let's Go Brandon! Drokktober continues! Flint has finished watching all 15 seasons of 'Supernatural' and he misses The Boys! Wokeman John goes a-travelling. Rossy is in a 'Killraven' mood. All this plus the usual Prog Review.
G--G--G--GHOSTS!!! C'mon man! Rossy updates us on his comic project. Vaccines and watch watching. John has been watching 'Blade of the Immortal'...stay for the long haul and listen to the hilarious 'Skip Tracer' round-up.
Seriously, only recorded this yesterday and still can't remember what the heck we were talking about. Probably something about the Titans TV show (Spoilers) and other stuff...trying our best to stall reviewing the prog and hopefully run out of time. Sucks getting old...oh wait...Flints dog got bitten by a rattlesnake and Flint goes all Machete on i…
McAULIFFE IS BACK!!! With John working on literally becoming 'Burdis Prime'...the very first ECBT co-host steps back in to talk to Rossy about terrible movies and Saturday Morning Cartoons. They also talk about the latest prog.
Congrats to Sam for Graduating!!! Space 1999. John gets a new job. Creepy Crawley is BACK!!! The Dreddful Sci-Fi Special. Flints mic picks up EVERYTHING!!! Don't send flowers to Johns funeral. Rossy MASK SAVES LIVES! Usual banal banter with the current prog review.
PEACE IN OUR TIME! John visits more Elmers. Rossy talks comic book industry. Flint has a good laugh at a pointless 'Joint Communique'. All this plus the prog review...which includes 'Skip Tracer'...the pain never ends!!!!
Flint has a brain-freeze and forgets all about lame US bike cop 'Zip Nolan'. The King of Scotland and we don't mean Wullie Russell. Don't SAS John. Driverless Cars. Lupin. Loki spoilers. The'77 Kickstarter. All this and the Prog review.
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